Adelaide’s Isaac Thomas creates emotive, guitar driven soul songs. Born into a musical family, he began learning the guitar at age 6 with the guidance of idols Jimi Hendrix, John Frusciante and John Mayer. In 2015 he moved from Adelaide to Tennant Creek, a little town in the heart of the NT. It was here where he began backing local bands, doing session work for recording artists, running music workshops and coming to the realization that music was just about the only thing that he was good at. After playing a slew of shows under his own name, he was given an opportunity to record at the Winanjjikari music center… Three years later his debut EP ‘The Art of Procrastination’ was released and he moved back to Adelaide in the hopes to reach a larger audience. With vocals likened to Jeff Buckley and armed with his backing band, Isaac Thomas is a name you'd want to keep an eye on.